MT Recycles

Congratulations to MT Recycles – MIS’s FLL Team –    2016 Montana State FLL Champions

Missoula International School’s 2015/16 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team participated in the 2016 Montana State FLL tournament on Saturday, February 6, 2016, on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman.  Sixty-two teams competed at the event, where all of the teams participated in all three parts of FLL: the Robot Game, the Research Project, and the FLL Core Values that focus on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and friendly competition.  This year’s FLL challenge was entitled Trash Trek, and teams from 80 countries around the world worked to come up with innovative solutions to solve the world’s growing challenge of how to improve how trash is managed.  MIS’ FLL team picked electronic waste (aka “e-waste”) as their trash topic and came up with the innovative solution to propose new legislation in Montana that would ban e-waste from landfills and increase e-waste recycling and re-use statewide.  With this topic selected, they chose their team name of MT Recycles.

At the state competition, the team went through three rounds of judging where they were judged on their robot design and engineering; their teamwork skills; and their research project presentation.  After the judging rounds, the team participated in three robot game rounds where they had 2½ minutes to complete as many robot missions as possible with their autonomous robot while scoring the most points.  During the awards ceremony, many teams are recognized as FLL wants to recognize the accomplishments of as many teams as possible.  One team is recognized as the Montana State Championship Team and is invited to participate in the FLL World Festival in St. Louis in April.

With many outstanding teams at the competition this year, MT Recycles was honored to receive the championship trophy that is, of course, made out of Legos!  The World Festival is a global celebration of the FLL season, and MT Recycles will be part of 108 teams participating at the Festival, representing more than 29,000 teams who participated in more than 1,200 qualifying and championship tournaments worldwide during this past year.  MT Recycles is very excited to be representing both MIS and Montana at the FLL World Festival as Montana only receives an invitation every three years.

To find out more about FLL visit: and

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